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Comcast Corporation (CMCSA) is by far the greatest provider of mass media and communication services in america and is known as the biggest telecommunication company to extract largest revenue worldwide. Recently, Comcast has acquired NBC Universal, which has operations in broadcasting and theme parks. This recent acquisition has made comcast email address even bigger and included in its revenues. For investors what this means is significantly better dividends. The stock price though hasn’t always been a well liked of the stock market and only recently has stared to pick up throughout the past three years.

Analysts have cautiously pointed out that previously Comcast Corp Stock, which trades on NASDAQ, was overvalued, which may be as the company is performing well on paper and being praised for its financial performance.

Comcast the giant – Anyone acquainted with Comcast CMCSA earnings is well aware that revenues and cash flows have been in the vast amounts of dollars. Using the numbers that Comcast boasts, its not hard to see why. Comcast has 23.6 million video customers, 15.9 million high speed Internet customers, and 7.6 million phone customers. Additionally, Comcast has earned USD 948 million in 2009 in revenues from franchise fees. Phone services contributed USD 3.3 billion because same year as a result of a rise in customer base.

Mouth-watering and Appetizing Prospects for Investors. Comcast’s huge customer base signifies that they can tap into their already existing pool of customers. For instance, if a person customer is availing only TV services, the company can reach out to him by offering a high-speed internet connection at a much lower cost, or offer them a bundle for Internet, phone and television services. The US housing economy can also be a location of interest for Comcast inside the sense that as more new homes are now being built, new customers will need Internet and TV and phone services.

Now, we can easily see that the result this potential may have on Comcast Corp stock analysis is it may send the cost upwards. However, we should remain realistic as the housing market can also go busted because it did through the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Investor and Analyst Sentiments. Investors have witnessed very healthy returns as CMCSA stock price has gone up 35% over the summer of 2013. An analyst at Forbes speculates that CMCSA has not been a great stock, that is primarily because of the shares being overvalued through the 1990s to 2008. He implies that for any good to emerge from long term making an investment in stocks, identification in the right company to purchase as well as a fair or reasonable price because of its stock is the right mix for better rewards.

He further goes on to state that things turned for that better when the company’s strong business combined with fair pricing of the shares converged together. After 2008, operating earnings have started compounded at 21.5%. This all generated long term rewards and better returns for shareholders. Regardless of this, the current market (NASDAQ) was on a downward trend and Comcasts’ stock became undervalued, which managed to make it cost effective for newer investors.

In the own words; “ is above all an above-average growth stock that now pays a dividend. Above average capital appreciation as well as a rapidly increasing dividend are in the cards for shareholders later on. Leading analysts appear to agree, because the consensus of 26 analysts reporting to S&P Capital IQ forecast five years earnings expansion of 18% per year.”

The analyst concludes by stating that Comcasts’ stock cost is in line using its intrinsic value since their current Price-to-Equity Ratio is nearly as good as their expected long term growth rate for earnings.

Comcast Strategies and Competitive Environment – The idea of selling 2 or 3 products together being a bundle is a long strategy for most businesses. At its simplest, you can think of this as purchase one acquire one free. Within the case of COMCAST CORP – (CMCSA) they can provide their existing customers with other services, such as Internet and phone services together with TV. Their bundle for many three services is referred to as “Triple Play” plus it only costs an inexpensive USD 99 monthly. Customers are relaxed using this because they have only one company to handle, one bill to pay for and one place to go to for resolution of complaints.

However, Comcast’s phone business has additionally been facing competition from US Cellular Companies as people are now shifting more towards cellular phone services from the traditional land line. The United States cable TV marketplace is wptadp shifting more towards a digital system and increased competition from satellite TV providers like Direct TV and Dish Network is additionally biting into comcast home office. Legislation by Congress is suggesting that all ISPs should charge the identical price for many web content and this can be a threat to Comcast because it charges a fee for premium services to multitude of its customers.